Five Reasons Why You Should Use Kubota Rubber Tracks

When you are talking about huge types of machinery such as excavators and tractors, you can’t fail to notice Kubota company because it is one of the most well-established companies around the world. The company is well-established in Australia and is involved in distributing machine parts.

For excavators and other machinery, rubber tracks are the most suitable solutions as compared to steel tracks or tires. In this article, we are mainly going to focus on the benefits of using Kubota rubber tracks in excavators and other machinery.

Benefits of Kubota rubber tracks

  • Minimal ground damage

Heavy machines such as excavators tend to damage the ground as they move around while performing their duties. However, you can control the level of ground damage by fitting the excavator with the Kubota rubber tracks. The Kubota rubber tracks allow the machine to move smoothly on any surface. This is also a useful benefit when you are constructing a road because the machine can end up damaging the already fixed part, especially if you are using steel tracks.

  • Speedy operations

Another important benefit to note is that Kubota rubber tracks are convenient for faster operations because the rubber tracks can easily manoeuvre over obstacles and produce fewer vibrations as they move as compared to the steel tracks which provide more vibration that makes it slower. The disadvantage that excavators with tires have is they can’t go over obstacles and can easily get stuck. This makes the Kubota rubber tracks the best choice for speedy operations.

  • Easy installation

Another reason why you should consider working with the Kubota rubber tracks is that they are easy to install as compared to the steel tracks. In case of downtime, you will only take a few minutes to remove the worn-out tracks and replace them with a new one! People who have worked with steel tracks understand how tiresome it is to fix the steel tracks in place and the process can take an hour to complete.

  • Smoother rides

With Kubota rubber tracks in place, you will enjoy smooth and swift rides since rubber tracks tend to glide over all kinds of terrain with ease. Hence, the ride tends to be comfortable regardless of the terrain of the land. This helps to reduce health problems associated with driving a heavy machine.

  • Enhanced operational capabilities

Kubota rubber tracks provide a wide area in conduct with the road hence increasing the surface area. This ensures that the weight of the excavator is evenly distributed hence making it more stable as it moves over unstable surfaces.

With Kubota rubber tracks, you are assured of faster operations, minimal damage, and little downtime.

Comparisons between rubber tracks and steel tracks?

When you are looking for tracks to fit your machinery, you have to decide between the rubber tracks and steel tracks. Although all of them serve the same purpose, steel track is more expensive and difficult to install on your machinery. It takes a lot of effort and time to complete the process. Being made of steel, the steel tracks are much durable and can serve for a long time.

On the other hand, rubber tracks are much cheaper as compared to steel tracks and are much easier to install on your machinery. The rubber tracks are less durable when compared to steel tracks but still serve for a long duration.

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