What you need to keep in mind before purchasing commercial fryers

If you are looking for a commercial fryer for your food service business it is important that you buy one which is well suited for your kitchen. You would need to check out the fryers available at different suppliers to get an idea regarding the prime option and the pricing. This is one of the easiest ways of comparing all your options in one place.

If you want to ensure the success of your food service business it is necessary that you have got the right sort of cooking equipment in your kitchen. When purchasing a commercial prior you would not only be improving the efficiency of your kitchen but would also sure that the delicacies which are prepared are up to the mark for your customers.

Following is a simple guide to help you make the decision regarding different kinds of commercial fryers available in the market.

Purchasing a commercial fryer

A deep fryer is a cooking appliance which is used to deep fry the food. The food is cooked in the hot oil which has a temperature of around 400 degree Fahrenheit. This allows the food to be cooked quickly and is make it crispy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside.

The fryer is powered with the help of gas or electricity and can accommodate variety of oils like vegetable oil or canola oil. Majority of deep fryers are made from stainless steel and also come with computerised and temperature control settings.

The size of the commercial fryer which you are interested in buying would depend upon the amount of space available in your kitchen and would also depend upon your cooking requirements.

There are also free standing models available but these are one of the largest in sizes and are well suited for outlets which only deal in fried food. On the other hand if space is a problem you might also go for the counter of model which are my smaller but have a lower oil filled capacity. However it should be kept in mind at the counter of models are not only easy to use but are quite in expensive and portable as well.

When it comes to choosing an air fryer there are three main varieties available. These include the open top fryer, the tube type fryer and the flat bottom fryer. The main difference in each of these fryers is because of the sediment zone. It is also known as the cold zone and is located at the bottom of the fryer were bits and pieces of food which break of during the cooking will select will stop the temperature of the oil is quiet law in the settlement zone and this prevent the food particles from being over cooked and hindering with the oils flavour.

Out of all these options the open pot fryer have an unobstructed area and have deep and narrow sediment zones this means that it is also easy to clean plus these are one of the cheapest options that are available for restaurant owners.

Make sure that you consider all options of specialised commercial gas deep fryer available in the market before making a purchase.


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