What is Concrete Scanning and What Makes it Important in Brisbane?

Locating and identifying underground utilities is very important for your safety and the continuity of a project. However, most people are left wondering what they should do when they have to drill, core or cut concrete yet they cannot see what is underground with the naked eye.  Before you start doing any of the above, you must make sure that you know what is lying underground to ensure that you do not endanger yourself or cause any damage to anything.  Therefore, the only way you can locate the things that are hidden underground is by doing concrete scanning before you start whatever you plan to do.


What is Concrete Scanning?

Concrete scanning involves using a device called a ground-penetrating radar or GPR  to locate posts, cables, rebar, live wire, pipes and conduits that are hidden in concrete slabs, tunnels, encasements, walls, and columns.  The ground-penetrating radar uses radar pulses to identify these subsurface objects.  Concrete scanning is a very safe and non-destructive technique which does not disrupt the earth or the building.  It is always done before you start your concrete cutting, coring and drilling projects. It comes with so many benefits that you will learn in the next section.

The Benefits of Concrete Scanning in Brisbane

The following are the benefits of different types of concrete scanning:

  • It prioritises your safety

Imagine that you were drilling concrete and you happened to strike an underground hazard unintentionally.   The best case scenario is you will spend several hours reporting the issues and trying to resolve it. Also, you might interrupt utility services.  The worst case scenario the workers around will be fatally or seriously injured.  If you hit a live conduit, you can cause an electrocution while striking a post tension cable could make it snap back risking the crew members and contractors.  However, when you perform concrete scanning before doing any of the above jobs, you will know what and where to avoid ensuring that everyone is safe.

  • It protects your business

Protecting and preserving your life is the most important job that you have as an individual. However, you have to ensure that you protect your business since this is what provides the kind of lifestyle you need. When you cut into or strike underground hazards you will put your business in danger since you will have to pay for penalties, fines causing budget overruns. This will also affect the reputation of your business since your clients will not want to hire you again. To avoid this, you have to ensure that you scan your project site perfectly to prevent any risks, accidents and injuries.

  • Helps in preserving the structural integrity

Hiking any objects that are embedded in the underground concrete can make your project stop.  Unfortunately, some situations can cause destruction of the structural integrity. For instance, slicing through a rebar can weaken the concrete creating unsafe and unsuitable work conditions. To ensure that you promote structural integrity make sure that you call a professional for concrete scanning services in Brisbane.

  • It saves money and time

Any mistakes that you make could lead to delays in your project but can be prevented by scanning the site before starting with the project. Also, the damages and injuries that occur when you fail to conduct concrete scanning lead to expensive costs.  Concrete scanning prevents the expenses since it helps you enhance the safety of your site and without any damages or destructions you will save your money.

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